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Kamerino’s Story

Those that do not understand what religious abuse is, have no idea the scope and magnitude of it. It spans all continents and all cultures. It includes: rape, torture, incest, persecution, honor killings, physical abuse and murder, to name a few. The 1900s and 2000s are full of accounts of those persecuted due to religious beliefs by those with differing beliefs. Today, many religious sects have left a wake of abused and battered former members that have fled the faith because of the abuses. Some of their stories are on this blog.

The sad reality is that many religions are guilty of persecuting, abusing and killing because of religious belief and dogma. What is even more disheartening is the fact that the populous has no idea that these persecutions, abuses and murders are even still taking place to the large extent that they are, “in the name of God.”

The following excerpt is from The New Foxes Book of Martyrs, Updated to include recent accounts from the 160,000 martyred in 2001. While there are many accounts of religious persecution and abuse listed, I would like to focus on a young ten-year-old boy named Kamerino, who’s voice needs to be heard. He lived in the Sudan and his religious persecution took place in 2000.


Kamerino’s Story

Muslim forces had been roaming the area around the small village for days, and the Christian villagers were afraid to even leave their homes to get food. Ten-year-old Kamerino hadn’t eaten for many days, and though the hunger pains had stopped, he knew that if he did not get food for himself and his grandmother soon they would both starve to death. The Islamic army had already taken the life of his parents, and now there was a good chance that they would take his if he went out looking for food. But what choice did he have? So he and his three nearby friends made plans to go out early the next morning and search for food.

His grandmother reluctantly agreed to let him go, with the understanding that he and his friends would come back that same day.

The four boys left early the next morning, just after dawn. But in their desperation to find food they became careless, and ran into a large group of Islamic soldiers. A Muslim officer yelled at the boys and commanded them to come to him. Fearing for their lives, or of being sold as slaves or made Muslim, the boys ran into a small nearby field and hid in the tall grass. They remained silent as the soldiers called repeatedly to them to come, and stayed low when the soldiers searched through the grass. When they heard the soldiers leave the field, the boys hoped they were giving up and going away.

But the soldiers were enraged at the thought of three small boys outwitting them, so they surrounded the small field and set it on fire. As the flames encircled the field and burned toward them, the boys kept moving toward the center of the flames, but eventually the circle of fire was too close to them, and they had few choices left. Three of the boys ran out of the field as rapidly as they could, hoping to dodge the soldiers and get away. But it was no use. They were quickly and easily caught—their fate, whether it was to be killed or made slaves or Muslims, was sealed.

Kamerino chose to stay in the field, curling himself up into a small ball as the fire ate at him. After the field burned to the ground, the Muslim soldiers searched the scorched ground for the fourth boy. They found Kamerino’s motionless body, curled up on the ground, burned from head to toe. Assuming he was dead, they left the area with their three young prisoners. . .

When Kamerino did not return to the village with his friends that day, his grandmother asked some of the villagers to go out and search for him. They found him trying to get home. Somehow he had managed to get to his feet after the Islamic soldiers left and start back toward the village.

He could not have walked very far before they found him, however. His chest was so badly burned that he had trouble breathing, and his feet were so deeply burned that they could hardly bear the weight of his small body.

Kamerino was brought back to the village, put in a small room, and left to whatever treatment his grandmother could get for him. If he was going to survive, it would be up to his own ability to do so. But there was little hope that he would make it, for the villagers had no way to transport him the nearly fifty miles south to the Christian hospital in Nimule. It had been eight days since the Islamic soldiers had set the field on fire and burned Kamerino nearly to death in it.”


A missionary team came through the village during this time and discovered Kamerino through the child’s grandmother. They found him under a blanket with hundreds of flies covering his body. His skin was blistered and cracked from being burned. They quickly took the child the fifty miles to the hospital where he recovered; but, he bears in his body the scars from being burned. No one knows about Kamerino unless they read his story in this book. Today, I want the world to hear his story. His story needs to be heard.

Religious abuse and persecution, even today, happens all the time all over the world and in various forms. It is not just Christians that are persecuted and abused. Gays are persecuted and abused. Atheists are persecuted and abused. Jews are persecuted and abused. Women and children are persecuted and abused. Religious abuse and persecution can be inflicted on those that question religious authority or dogma; those that speak out about their abuses at the hands of clergy; or, those that simply want to leave an abusive religion! The harm is always inflicted by those that profess the name of their God or religion.

Differing beliefs and views regarding God have always been at the forefront of wars, murders, mutilations and tortures. Religious abuse and persecution is real. It is wrong. Think about this: If you think you have a BIG God, but he cannot take care of his own creatures and needs your help through FORCE and abuse, then your God is not real, is small, is powerless, is hateful. All you have is a religious “system” that is MAN-MADE, MAN-CONTROLLED and MAN-ENFORCED, where CRIMINAL and ABUSIVE behaviors will be the norm toward opposition.  This “system” will be one of CONTROL where those within it either do as they are told, or else!  This “system” will also be a harbinger of hidden abuses against women and children!

If your God is the ONE TRUE GOD, he does not need you or anyone else to interfere through force and abuse! Either you have a God that can handle EVERYONE and is ALL POWERFUL and ALL KNOWING, or you have a God that can do nothing and you will use your “religion” to justify abuses, murder, rape, torture and mutilation of innocent people. If your God is the ONE TRUE GOD, then he will allow for freedom to “choose” and can handle the hearts of men himself in swaying them withersoever he wills.

Fruit of Religion – The Spanish Inquisition

spanish inquisition“The Spanish Inquisition was a perverse attempt to save people’s souls by torturing their bodies. Since only Christians of pure faith could go to heaven, the Inquisitors reasoned, and all others would be sentenced to the eternal torments of hell, it made sense to temporarily torture people of impure faith until they accepted Jesus, and thereby save their souls from the never-ending tortures of the next world.

Contrary to a popular misconception, the Inquisition was not directed against Jews, but against all supposed heretics, particularly former Jews who had converted to Christianity. Since these Jews had generally converted under duress, either to save their lives or their livelihoods, the Church had good reason to mistrust their sincerity. Inquisition officials, aided by informers, continually and carefully scrutinized these new Christians. If any of their actions indicated that they might be secretly practicing Judaism–perhaps they were observed never to eat pork or cook on the Sabbath–these “new Christians” were summoned before the Inquisition. The Inquisitors, all of whom were priests, asked the accused if they were secret Jews. If they confessed immediately, and supplied the Inquisitors with names of other secret Jews, they got off lightly: a religious ceremony at which they made public confession, and suffered various humiliations. If they were convicted of being secret Jews and only then confessed, they were guaranteed a less painful execution: They were strangled before being burned at the stake.

Those people who refused to confess even after being convicted, or who were courageous enough to acknowledge that they were still Jews, were repeatedly tortured to force them to concede the truth of Christianity. During the centuries in which the Inquisition had power, thousands of secret Jews were put on the rack, had water forced down their throats after their noses were pinched shut, or subjected to other tortures. All these actions carried out by priests who claimed to be motivated only by love of the people they were torturing.

Those Jews whom the Inquisitors couldn’t win back to Christianity were burned at a public ceremony known as an auto-da-fe. . .” – – Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy, pgs 194-195.

The fruit of some religions has always been forced conversion of others. The bigger the religion, the more secular power it has. The more secular power it can yield, the greater the atrocities it produces toward those that act or believe differently. Hatred between some religious sects is as strong today as it was centuries ago. The crimes against humanity have never disappeared because the hatred proliferates and spreads. Hatred toward those that espouse variant beliefs is taught at the youngest possible age in order for religion’s followers to grow to a place where they are willing to kill for their religious beliefs; or, die for them. Religious indoctrination has been at the root of millions of tortures and murders throughout history and, even today. Not only this, but religious indoctrination is also at the root of the suppression, control and abuse of women and children worldwide. Religion is responsible for centuries of teachings against women’s autonomy, authority and equality. As a result, women have become the most abused race of people in human history. For a brief list of the fruit of these atrocities, see my article: The FRUIT of Male Leadership – A Shocking Reality.

Is the picture becoming clear yet? After all the many articles on this blog that have exposed the truth of history, can one see the bigger picture? The corruption that hides under the righteous mantles of religions the world over have caused religious followers to be ready, at any time, to bear arms and attack those that disagree or believe differently. Bloodshed, war, torture, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse are the biggest fruits of religion. History shows that clearly. The articles on this blog show this clearly! Religion’s weapons are Bibles, religious doctrines and rules, labeling (of those who disagree), slander, public humiliation and shaming, shunning and, damnation in hell. It’s time to remove the power and control of religion and give it back to the only one that deserves it; one who is merciful, gentle, loving, kind, compassionate, long-suffering, all powerful — God. God loves those that religion hates!! Why can’t people understand that? He blesses the just and unjust because he loves mankind as a whole.  Men have taken too much upon themselves in the “name of God.”  The fruit of this religious take over by men, is heavy laden on the annals of world history. Let’s get men out of God’s shoes and put God back in them. Let’s undo the damage that has been done through corruption of the religious system. Women need to be given their equality, honor and dignity back. Those who believe differently need to be freed from antisemitism and hatred and turned over to God’s hand to do the work in their lives. Forcing religion is wrong; especially when it’s done in the “name of God.” God doesn’t need religion or men to force-feed people their corruptions, man-made doctrines and rules, or hatred toward others. God is bigger than that and more loving than that. He can do what man cannot do in the hearts and minds of his creation. Let’s get religion out of God’s way so HE can work in people’s hearts and lives; so HE can control the hearts of men and women; so HE can have the preeminence. . . instead of religion and its leaders. Religion’s fruit is abhorrent to God and, a crime upon humanity. Sure, religion looks good on the outside, but on the inside, it’s rotten to the core and has a lot of innocent blood on its hands.