Translation Errors Have ALWAYS Brought Harm To Women

Throughout religious systems of the world, there is a “supposed” law of retribution upon all women because Eve sinned. The “sentence,” I will multiply . . . thy conception,” has wrought terrible havoc with the health and happiness of wives; because, so read it has been understood to rob woman of the right to determine when she should become a mother, and to place that right outside her will, and in abeyance to the will of her husband, — at least, the law has been read thus, because of its connection with what follows in this passage. This word is spelled, in Hebrew HRN,–but that is NOT the correct Hebrew way to spell “conception.” The latter occurs, and correctly spelled, in Ruth 4:13 and Hosea 9:11, and nowhere else. The real word, “conception,” as it occurs in the above passages, is spelled HRJWN. This word in Genesis comes two letters short of spelling the word. All Hebrew scholars know this. For instance, Spurrell says: “It is an abnormal formation which occurs nowhere else in the Old Testament.” Our highest lexical authorities (Brown, Briggs and Driver) call it a “contraction, or erroneous.” Indeed! And is one half the human family to be placed at the mercy of the other half, onĀ  such a flimsy claim as this! So could Rehoboam have sent a man to the gallows, instead of sending him to gaol, by such a method of manipulating the law. We stand for our rights, as women, on the assurance of our Lord, that NO WORD in Divine law has lost any of its consonants, or angles of a consonant; and on our Lord’s promise we can demand a very different rendering of the word. While it is possible that the W of this word might be omitted in this particular formation, the J is a CONSONANT of the root, and cannot be lost or omitted, PARTICULARLY at the end of a phrase where the voice pauses or rests for awhile upon it; such is the Hebrew correct reading here, which is, “thy sighing,”–the whole sentence meaning, then, “A snare hath in creased thy sorrow and thy sighing.” Many ancient authorities agree with the Septuagint.

— Katherine Bushnell, God’s Word to Women, Pg. 53-54

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