The TRUTH About Tithing

Artwork by David Hayward

Artwork by David Hayward

“We were expected to tithe on our GROSS income. We were told that it was a “true” ten percent.  Then, beyond that, we were expected to give towards missions, fundraisers, camps and anything else they deemed to be more important than paying our bills.  I was even told that I needed to tithe on my disability check!” – Angela

“My wife passed away from cancer several years ago.  While at the funeral home, my pastor asked me if I had a life insurance policy on my wife.  I told him I did and how much it was.  His response was, “Wow! That will make for a good tithe!”  I became angry, but kept silent.  It showed me that he did not care about me, my wife or my two girls, he only cared about the money!” — Troy

 — The TRUTH About Tithing, pg 34

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