Washington D.C. Index

An excerpt of the news story can be read for each offender even though the link may be archived. Simply click on the name of the city and news excerpts for each story will be shown.

Washington D.C.Shelby BaucumBaptist MinisterLawsuit - awarded to both women. - Had sex with two women while counseling them about their marriagesAP, 10/5/1998archived
Robert D TardyDeacon, Peace Baptist Church on 18th St. NESentenced to two to 10 years in prison for molesting 5 yr old boy, plus 100 days for abusing a girl at the churchWashington Post, 1998; Washington Post, 7/30/01Sex Abuse at Church shatters a Family
Elwood GallimoreEvangelistic Tabernacle in MartinsvilleCharged with felonious seduction & taking indecent liberties with a minor when he "married" a 16-year-old high school juniorWashington Post, 1/21,27,28/1992archived

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