2 thoughts on “Esther Combs Story – Part 2

  1. Melissa Harper

    I. Was in hephzibah house for 3 years went in 1984 I was sent there because I had been raped and my parents with our church first Baptist in Monticello Ill, pastor David Munroe said I was unclean was not. Pure because I lost virginity due to rape so I was locked up and my dad wouldn’t let them press charges on the boy said God will be his judge. I was beat, molested by the female nurse mentally abused and they tried to unsuccessfully brainwash me today they are still open I don’t understand. when did we become a society that doesn’t protect and keep our children safe. children should not have to worry about protecting themselves from people that is supposed to be teaching and protecting them so they can grow up into well rounded adults instead they are broken,scarred,and mentally a mess.how can a damaged person going to know to have a normal healthy life and be a good loving parent when they have never known true love

    1. Religion's Cell

      Melissa, I understand your frustration. Sadly, I trusted my church leaders too. They were our closest friends; loved very much, respected, revered. The very people we thought we could count on to protect us, ended up being the ones that emotionally and spiritually abused us. Their teachings were the root cause of almost destroying our family and the relationships within it. For you, unfortunately, it sounds like you endured the physical and sexual abuse as well. You are not alone. Countless men and women have stepped forward to tell their stories of betrayal by church leaders and the abuses they endured at their hands. I applaud your courage in giving this brief testimony. I know how hard this is for you.

      You are justified in your feelings. I have felt the same way. What I found that really helped me was talking to someone about my feelings, as well as writing about them. These two things helped me to overcome the emotional turmoil and trauma that I had to deal with as a result of the brainwashing and broken relationships due to leaving the cult.

      Please allow me to recommend Together We Heal to you. It is specifically set up to handle childhood sexual assault survivors and help them to heal. They offer free counseling to those that cannot afford it. So, I want to make sure that you know about them in the event you feel you need someone to talk to. Their website is http://www.together-we-heal.org, so you can check them out. If you decide you need to talk, just email David Pittman through the contact link and he will get back with you.

      I am so very sorry that you were raped and then sent away. It breaks my heart to know that your rapist was never prosecuted and that you were not given the love and support that you needed after the crime occurred. What your parents and pastor did was wrong on every level. By not reporting the crime, they have become complicit in the crime.

      The abuses you endured at Hephzibah House, the world needs to know about. Everyone needs to hear what these monsters did to a hurting and innocent child that was traumatized by rape. Thank you for speaking up.


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