To All Current IFB Members and Churches

Since Tina Anderson’s trial, victims of abuse within the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church have been hearing the same old rhetoric from those still in the I.F.B. system. They have been shouting from the pages of cyberspace that “we are not all the same.” But, behind the scenes, countless numbers of these members within the I.F.B. have slandered and attacked victims that have found the courage to come forward about their abuses. Victims have been dealing with stalking and harassment on a level that boggles the mind; all of which is aimed at silencing their voices.

Recently, these I.F.B. members have changed their strategy to get this message out and try to make themselves look good. Some of them are hitting blogs and leaving comments that “appear” to support the victim, but when dissected, show that they are only trying to tout the same old message victims have had thrown in their faces for the last several years.

I agree with you that not all IFB churches are the same regarding the “rules;” and yet, you ALL ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. Not one of you has stepped forward publicly to help victims of abuse within the sect! Not one of you has reached out to the many victims of the abuse to help them in prosecuting their rapists and abusers. Instead, you have turned your backs on these hurting, broken, sick, poor and traumatized children of God!  Many are homeless, without a job, fighting frivolous lawsuits from I.F.B. members and abusers, without food – all because of your viciousness toward them and/or your “I don’t care” attitudes. ANY Silence or INACTION on these issues make all of you complicit in the crimes as you say nothing and do nothing to help victims. To be made aware of the abuse, makes each of you responsible for helping to stop it.  Victims have only received lip service. We have had much experience with individuals from many countless IFB churches across America that “appear” to support victims with words, but who only wish to tout that “all IFB churches are not the same,” “my church is different,” “you cannot lump us all together since we are all autonomous and individual churches,” WHILE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HELP VICTIMS OF ABUSE.  Under this guise of disingenuous comments and/or ignorance of the magnitude of the crimes, victims who have been abused within the “authoritarian system” fostered within the majority of IFB churches roll their eyes in disgust and disbelief at the audacity of those that throw this rhetoric in their faces while ignoring the real issues – crimes and abuse within the system as a whole and, the secondary abuses inflicted by those IFB leaders and congregants aimed at those that speak out to the authorities.

Right now, we have victims that need funds to get to the jurisdiction where their crimes against them took place so they can file criminal charges. We have victims that cannot afford professional counseling to help with their PTSD. We have victims without food, shelter and basic needs. We have victims that have serious medical needs due to the abuse they endured. NOT ONE SINGLE IFB CHURCH AND ITS CONGREGATION HAS STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE TO GIVE TO THESE CAUSES SO THAT THESE VICTIMS CAN PROSECUTE THEIR RAPISTS AND GET THE PROFESSIONAL HELP THEY NEED. NOT ONE SINGLE CHURCH HAS STEPPED FORWARD IN SUPPORT OF ANY VICTIMS THAT HAVE FILED CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST THEIR ABUSERS. Instead, you have supported unanimously the rapists and pedophiles that inflicted the abuses. You show up in courts across America in SUPPORT OF THE  RAPISTS AND PEDOPHILES AND HARASS THE VICTIMS!!! How can you call yourself a Christian? How can you claim association with a God? Any God? You say you are not all the same? Yes, you are. Until you prove by your actions, otherwise. We shall know you by your FRUIT. This post is a testament before you and GOD of the EVIL of your actions. May he reward each of you accordingly that continues to be willfully ignorant of the abusers among you and the crimes committed at their hands upon innocent children.

So, here’s your chance to help victims IFB Churches and members who “say you are not the same.” We have a victim fund set up to help aid victims with their needs. Simply click on the link on right of my blog and make your donation. Let’s see how genuine you are in wanting to stamp out the abuses, give victims a voice, help them in prosecuting their abusers, aid them in getting the professional counseling they need, aid them in obtaining the medications they need as a result of the abuse, help with medical assistance. Let’s see how serious YOU are about “not being all the same.” The link on my blog is directly tied to Together We Heal, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and aiding victims of sexual abuse. This is your opportunity to put action to your words and help victims get the aid they need.

When the individual churches within this sect take “action” to help victims go after their abusers, expose those abusers and, rally in support of victims and to the aid of victims of the abuse, then and only then, will the rhetoric we have been hearing since Jack Schaap, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana and Head of Hyles Anderson College (HAC) was convicted of child sex trafficking, that all IFB churches are not the same, be believed. Right now, the IFB as a whole is deafening silent on the issue of child abuse, child sexual assault, child sex trafficking, physical abuse of children, emotional and spiritual abuse. What we have EXPERIENCED REPEATEDLY is silence, harassment and name-calling from countless leaders and members of the IFB across the country.

So, let’s see how serious those of you that have touted, “we are not all the same,” are. Donate to help these victims by clicking the link at the top of my blog – – and donate to help them. As a matter of fact, support them through this link financially every month, just as you do causes at your local church. This is a genuine need and a “right” one to donate to. Then, PUBLICLY add your voice to theirs in helping to stop the abuses. Align with victims and become advocates against the abuse.

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