Rifqa Bary

Source: WikiIslam

Name of Victim:  Rifqa Bary

Age:  17

Date of Incidence:  July, 2009

Location: USA

Method of killing or religious violence:  Threatened with death

Perpetrator:  Parents

Reason for Violence:  Converted to Christianity

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Rifqa was in Middle School when she became a Christian. After joining Columbus Korean United Methodist Church Rifqa became a member of the Church’s Youth Group.

Eventually, in June 2009, Rifqa’s religious beliefs were discovered by a member of Noor Islamic Cultural Center. Her parents were contacted by fellow Muslims regarding Rifqa’s alleged change in religion. This is when Rifqa’s father confronted her and threatened to hit his daughter with the laptop that he bought for her. He threatened to kill her if she in fact left Islam for Christianity. To calm her father, Rifqa told him that she truly desired to learn more about Islam. She remembered that converting back to Islam after apostasizing could save ones life.

It was at this time that Rifqa decided to be baptized in Big Walnut Creek on June 28, 2009 by her friend Brian Williams just in case something happened to her. Rifqa’s baptism took place at Hoover Dam Park while her family wasn’t home. In July her mother discovered one of Rifqa’s books called “The Mantle of Esther”. Rifqa described her mother as frantic and in tears as she phoned her husband. Rifqa’s father threatned to kill her as soon as he got home from his business trip. Shortly after this happened Rifqa’s father closed Bary Gems and her family packed their things to that they could return to Sri Lanka where Mr. Bary or Rilvan would proceed with the Honor Killing.

Rifqa Bary
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