Allah Bachai Honor Killing

Source: WikiIslam

Name of Victim:   Allah Bachai

Age: unknown

Date of Incidence:  Jan. 5, 2007

Location: Pakistan

Method of killing or religious violence:  Shot to death

 Perpetrator: Nephew

Reason for Violence:  Suspected she was having illicit relations with another man

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Published 2007-01-06 00:00:00

SANGHAR, Jan 5: A man killed his paternal aunt on the suspicion of adultery in Haider Khan Mari village near Tando Adam on Friday. Mukhtiar Ali Manganhar suspected that his aunt Allah Bachai had illicit relations with a man of the same village. He shot her dead with a gun and fled.

The body was shifted to the taluka hospital. The police are investigating. . .

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