Iowa Index

An excerpt of the news story can be read for each offender even though the link may be archived. Simply click on the name of the city and news excerpts for each story will be shown.

Des MoineE. La Vay McKinleyMinister in the Open Bible Standard ChurchesUsed church connections to bilk investors at his church out of more than $5 millionChicago Tribune, 12/24/1993archived
Ryan McKelveyHeritage Assembly ChurchSexual, 8/7/2013Youth Pastor charged with Sex Abuse

Ex-Youth Pastor pleads Guilty

DubuqueSheldon D StotmeisterBaptist PastorIs accused of having exploited the woman in order to have a sexual relationship with themTelegraph Herald, 4/15/1999archived
WashingtonRobert Duane SchultzFirst Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Was sentenced to 30 years in prison after confessing to acts described as \" horribly perverse\" on boys under age 12, involving 1 count of sexual abuse and 3 others of lascivious acts.Des Moines Register, 10/30- 11/3/1989; AP/Clinton Herald, 10/30/1989archived

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