Joseph’s Story

I began to attend an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in late 2009, maybe 2010. I don’t remember much to be honest. I was suckered into everything at this Hyles Anderson College church. The Pastor was in the inner circle of First Baptist Church of Hammond and Hyles Anderson College and knew Jack Schaap personally as well as Jack Hyles. I was his pet and was being groomed for something. Time grew on and I never noticed the “signs” of abuse until I began breaking ties with the college.

I was made to feel guilty for being sick a lot and having health issues. Sure, a lot of the people I am close to joke but, I know they mean no harm. However, the Pastor would guilt me on how he would do this and that despite being sick. To this day, I have no idea what was happening, but this is only a small part. He would tell me how he would be sick during services and still preached. He said that he spent hours on bus routes being sick and, how I need to suck it up and be a man and not be vocal about pain or discomfort because men don’t do that. I hate pain for the most part and I am quite vocal, but I can’t do much to change that. It is who I am but, not what they want. Life went on and I was on the blue pill so to speak.

This all began to change, though, when a certain person walked into my life. I began to date a girl at the church. It was unknown to me that this was and is the Pastor’s pet. This Pastor believed all girls should go to Hyles Anderson College to find a husband because no one at the church was good enough and, that HE must “approve” all relationships! If a person did not go to him for approval, he would turn very bitter and sour towards them. I will go into more detail on this later.

I spoke to this Pastor about the chance that this girl may be “the one”. I was greeted with, “You’re going off emotions and that you should not rush into things. Emotions are bad and need to be controlled. She has issues of her own and is seeking ways to cope.” I left the office torn.

I never spoke to her about this conversation until later.

Fast forward. She and I get serious and I spoke to him again about engagement and how to proceed. This was the breaking point. He essentially told me that I was not good enough and had to prove my love to her and that emotions were bad. I need to control my feelings with dealing with new relationships. Come back to him in a few months and that he would speak to her on the side about all of this.

It was the end of that relationship

He chose to control her life, her decisions, from the get go over 6 years ago. He had taken on the responsibility of being a father figure to all the young girls of the church because his own family was in disarray. He frequently referred to the girls as his daughters.

When we split on December 16th 2010, he had taken me to lunch before my departure from Hyles Anderson College. He acted as if nothing happened and patted himself on the back knowing full well what happened and even spoke of it. He always spoke of her during the time period between the break up to my departure, I knew he knew of things I did not, but never told me.

It was time for me to leave. I left campus on December 31st 2010. It did not set in what was to come until later. I was distraught with grief and, the pressure at the college was to the point of my body shutting down. Every week I would meet with the Dean of Men to discuss everything that I was feeling and going through. I know deep down he may have cared about me, but still, he held onto everything the college held dear.

The mask came off when people began to try to make decisions for me. I dated another girl for awhile until a teacher by the name of Cowling, split us up because I was deemed “not good enough” because I was a freshman. It was during this time that I was in contact with the above mentioned Pastor. My health was failing rapidly and all I was told was to keep on going; fake it until you make it. I had health problems and they ignored them and told me to keep on going under the weight of their schedule for me. I was shutting down in every aspect. The pressure was so intense, that one day, I nearly collapsed in the hallway. I was done. The pinnacle was when the assistant to the Dean of Men, Robert Osgood, was asking me if I was speaking critically of the school. It was unknown to me that I was under surveillance by his staff. A lot of times, anywhere I would go, the lackeys were there. They monitored my every move and everything I said to anyone.

It was during a Mens meeting, that my academic and activity reports were read aloud by Tom Vogel. I was unable to go to church and Saturday ministry because of pain and how sick I was. I never tithed because I had no money. He called this “subversion” and I knew he was talking about me. I just hid in my chair.

I called my Pastor and told him that I was done and it was time to come home. This is when it all began. My leave was cancelled and changed two or three times before I was authorized to leave campus. The day I was scheduled to leave, they called me and told me to come back to the college to be security for Pastor’s School because they figured I could sit for hours despite my back injury, dehydration and sleep deprivation.

It was during my time there that a staff member physically laid his hands on me for no reason. It was during hair checks that Stubblefield had placed his hands on my shoulders in a forceful manner to check me over. The grip was tight is all I can remember and he did it for no reason. I hadn’t done anything wrong.

I was also alone with the Dean of Men and Vogel for a meeting. No one was allowed in the room and the door was shut. It also dealt with me going from bus ministry to Jewish. In Chicago, I was nearly gunned down at a wrong place, wrong time, event and was not taken back to the college by my bus captain. To this day, I get sick if I go near any of these kinds of areas.

I also was water-boarded by students as a joke, while on heavy muscle relaxers and had to work church cleaning when I could not at the time. Students have made fake Facebook accounts to slander me all across the web for speaking out and I know if this story gets out it will cause more backlash for me, but, I am ready for anything now.

They told me I would not owe the college anything and, if I came home, it would be fine and taken care of. I began to receive threatening letters by the college to set up payment plans and they demanded automatic withdraws on my checking account. I have told them no. I have told them I paid for my time there, exactly around 9 weeks. I have the counseling records and medical records to show that I left sick and could not stay no matter what. They told me that it does not matter. So, I have begun to pay to avoid them going into collections; they have not:

A. sent me a receipt for each bill I paid and how much is left
B. allowed me access to my account online
C. Taken off charges that should not be on there
D. Sent me a copy of any contract and information regarding
any of this.

I began to contact students who have left and all have received the same treatment. They are going after selected students from each supposed group. Many are getting the run around much like me. This system is so corrupt because they have run checks as cash and have changed the amount owed more than once.

This is the extent of all the critical things. If anyone knows of lawyers that can help me and others deal with this monster, it would be appreciated because there is evidence of fraud and predatory lending. I have documents to prove the threats.

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