David Pittman’s Story

Pedophiles are like Serial Killers – My Story by David Pittman

My name is David Pittman – For 30 years I’ve been keeping a secret that almost killed me. From the time I was 12 until I was 15, I was molested by my youth minister at Rehoboth Baptist Church in Tucker, GA. His name is Frankie Wiley, full name Franklin Andrew Wiley. Due to the pathetic statute of limitation laws in Georgia and almost every state in the USA, he walks free. And up until recently he was serving as an associate minister at Trinity Baptist Church in Ashburn, Ga. While he no longer holds an “official” position at the church, he still has access to little boys because the pastor of the church defends him. I have been told they grew up together so that’s the only reason I can conceive as to why he would allow this confessed child molester to continued access of potential victims of sexual abuse.

In 2006, I found Frankie serving as youth minister at Jodeco Road Baptist Church, where Jerry Light was the Pastor. I contacted Pastor Light, told him my story and he and the Chairman of Deacons, after doing their due diligence about my story, confronted Frankie. Frankie admitted to both men that he had molested me. They fired him on the spot. He then went back to get help from a family at a previous church in Flowery Branch, Ga. When they were made aware of the circumstances, they too told him to leave. He returned to his hometown and got a job with the schools as a substitute teacher and when I told the superintendent there, he fired him. I continue to track his activity with children and if you look at his Facebook or MySpace pages they are filled with preteens and teenagers as he has a whole new world of potential victims.

There is an important update I need to give you as the reader, I first posted this article in October of 2012, but as of March 30th, 2013, a total of 7 men have come forward, from three different churches, ages ranging from 10 to 15, that Frankie raped, molested or sexually assaulted in some way prior to, during or after the time he was sexually abusing me. There names are Cale Harbour, Christopher Elrod, and sadly one is now deceased, Andy Harrell. Andy gave me permission to use his name prior to is death in 2012. Unfortunately 3 others are not in an emotional place of healing and told me “they just can’t talk about it right now” and I know how they feel. It’s how myself, Cale and Christopher felt for many years. But they reached out to me because they thought all this time they were the only ones and needed to talk to someone who understood what they had been through.

It’s important that you know how Frankie and other sexual predators operate. He invites 2-3 boys over to his house for sleepovers. He keeps 1 or 2 in another room and has the other boy stay with him in his bed. This is where the molestation takes place.

These vultures go after others like me who came from a family of divorce or worse. They take advantage of the vulnerability; a young boy simply wanting attention from a male role model. This is their “play”, also known as “grooming” and how it eventually leads to the abuse. God only knows how many there actually are-which is why I am writing this. The National Crime Statistics say “an uncaught child molester has approximately 117 victims.” And one young man I mentioned, can no longer speak at all-he died in June 2012. According to what he told me, because of the shame and guilt from being molested by Frankie Wiley, he took drugs to numb the pain, the drugs lowered his ability to make proper decisions, and in the end it cost him his life. It seems clear to me that the blood of his death is on the hands of Frankie Wiley.

Since the state of GA has a pathetic statute of limitations on child rape, I am unable to bring him to justice. I called Mr. Kenneth Keene at the Georgia Baptist Convention to inform him of this pedophile using his church as a haven for hunting. His response was to pray for me and say “sorry but each church acts separately and there is nothing we can do.” After two conversations, I wanted to tell him that Frankie had moved churches, but he wouldn’t take my calls or emails. It appears the Baptist Church, as an organization, not the individual parishioners, are following in the footsteps of the Catholic Church. They prefer to deny and cover-up rather than own up to the evil within. They know that the moment they admit to what is actually happening, they open themselves up to lawsuits, and it seems like they would rather have more children abused, molested and raped, than admit wrongdoing, take these pedophiles out of their churches and pay money to the victims.

But don’t take just my word for it, an organization has found 18 leaders within the Baptist Church who know of instances of abuse and choose to do nothing. Mr. Keene is listed among them.

“The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

It appears as though this has become the case within the Baptist church.


How many other adults out there have suffered this atrocity and are unable to bring their abusers to justice due to the insufficient laws held by almost every state in this land? These predators know this and count on it. They count on us not saying anything until it is legally too late. The reason being, most survivors of abuse aren’t capable of acknowledging what happens to us until, on average, we are in our 30′s and 40′s. The statute of limitations in almost every state runs out between the ages of 18 to 23. It’s simple math for the predators and the organizations that protect them.

When Dr. Light contacted the pastor of Trinity Baptist, Rodney Brown, with verification of Frankie’s molestation, all he said he would do was to bring it to the church. While Frankie is no longer “on staff”, he is still active with the youth. What they fail to understand is these predators NEVER stop until they are caught. The elders at Trinity are either too ignorant or too negligent to protect them. When I sent an email to the parents of Trinity Baptist, after the pastor failed to tell them, he called me and said I was a bad person. Pastor Rodney Brown said I caused a split in “HIS” church. To which I replied, “pastor, first of all, its not YOUR church. The “church” is the people who make up the body of Christ, not the person standing in the pulpit. And who is the bad person here? Me, for letting the parents of Trinity know about an admitted child molester with access to their children, or you, who CHOSE to keep it secret until you were FORCED to tell them? And hearing that the church split tells me that half of the people there didn’t agree with you in allowing this sexual predator to continue to be around their children.” Below you will find a link to Trinity Baptist Church where they proudly list Frankie as their worship leader. Is this the type of church you want to send your little boys and feel safe about doing it?


And to any of the aforementioned people who would deny anything I have spelled out in this letter. I challenge them to submit to a lie-detector test. I am more than willing to do so and testify under oath. Myself, Cale and Christopher have the one thing they don’t…the truth.

I wonder how many parents of the children Jerry Sandusky molested wished they had this kind of information. How many little boys would still have their innocence? How many little boys would have been protected? To me, this pastor is WORSE than the pedophile. A pedophile is sick and won’t stop until incarcerated or deceased. This man, like the administrators at Penn State CHOSE to protect the monster in their midst.

We have started a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization and advocacy group that will help others like me who were robbed of their innocence and struggle every day with a way to stay alive. We provide counseling at no charge to those in need, educate parents on how to better protect their children and lead a monthly support group for survivors of CSA. By having this support, we help survivors to fight the urge to seek out vengeance on the person who killed their childhood. You can get more information at our website – together-we-heal.org – follow us on twitter @Together_WeHeal – join our Cause Page at – http://www.causes.com/causes/640477-together-we-heal – follow our blog – togetherweheal.wordpress.com – or join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/togetherweheal – The other reason why I am asking all of my friends to join is because survivors of molestation and abuse will seldom speak out…but they will read in private if they see helpful sites like these posted on your wall. You may never know who you are helping, but trust me you will be helping. I know because it took me almost 30 years to finally acknowledge and address what happened to me and that allowed me to begin healing. And for those who have any misgivings or doubts, we do not make one dollar from any of this. We do all of this on a completely voluntary basis. I just don’t want any other survivors to think they are alone.

My childhood voice was strangled by the rope of molestation. My assailant is free (for now), but with your help other victims will have the courage to come forward in time to incarcerate these predators. Most survivors have a similar feeling; one of feeling trapped—having to relive the crime that keeps them quiet, that keeps them inside their minds, it even costs some of them their lives. So many have committed suicide because they did not have the tools to handle the trauma, others (including myself) turned to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain (many times ending in overdoses). And even more who are never able to have any kind of life. No loving relationships, no lasting friendships, no children to show true parental love – all due to the pain caused by the crime of abuse, molestation and rape.

I was told by a GBI investigator something that has stuck with me to this day…a pedophile is like a serial killer that leaves his victims alive.

I believe that most accurately describes a pedophile. It’s truth articulated.

Frankie served as a youth minister at the following churches from 1981 to 2011 – if you or anyone you know have concerns, please contact me.

Rehoboth Baptist, Tucker, Ga.
Second Avenue Baptist, Rome, Ga.
A Baptist church in Flowery Branch, Ga.
Jodeco Road Baptist, Stockbridge, Ga.
Trinity Baptist, Ashburn, Ga.

He also worked as a substitute teacher at the local school system in Ashburn, Ga., sometime around 2009-2011.

If you or anyone you know has been molested by Frankie Wiley or by anyone, please reach out to someone, things are different now, you WILL be believed, you are NOT alone. Please, reach out…there are people you can trust now.

4 thoughts on “David Pittman’s Story

  1. shade ardent

    it is not really that i like this. these stories should *never* exist.

    i am so sorry that no justice has been found for you. justice is what we all long for. you are brave for speaking, for naming.

  2. Mar

    David, so much courage and nobility in your story and what you have chosen to do to advocate for others … I am curious how you are able to avoid slander lawsuit? I am thinking perhaps the person knows you have the truth and wouldn’t want to open the door to the publicity? I am planning to find out more about your group, and applaud you for your efforts.

  3. Together We Heal

    Mar, I would WELCOME a lawsuit from Frankie Wiley. Because in the open air of a courtroom I could bring forward 4 others who’ve publically named him and the two adults he’s admitted to that he sexually abused me. And that’s why he won’t do it. Because then he would be outed for the pedophile/sexual predator he’s been for decades.

  4. Together We Heal

    Oh, and not to mention the three pastors and school administrator that fired him when I told them my story. So sadly I won’t get the chance to confront him in court. That’s why I publish my story and his name as often as I can, to warn others to keep their little boys away from him.


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