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An excerpt of the news story can be read for each offender even though the link may be archived. Simply click on the name of the city and news excerpts for each story will be shown.

CottonwoodChristopher FureyEmmanuel Fellowship Church in Cottonwood20 counts of sex offenses. The charges include felony sex with a minor, sexual abuse and luring a minor for sexual, Written by KPHO-TV Wednesday, 01 September 2010 09:01Cottonwood youth pastor arrested on sex charges
Fountain HillsMark DerksenPastor, Faith Mountain Christian Church in Fountain HillsSelling heroin, meth and prescription drugs to people of all agesazfamily.comArizona pastor arrested for allegedly dealing drugs
PhoenixJohn Herman KuiperThomas Road Baptist ChurchArrested for molesting 5 girlsArizona Republic, 11/4/1992Sex Offender Registry
James Anthony ColynGlendale (AZ) Bible Baptist ChurchSentenced to 7 yrs in Prison.Phoenix Gazette 7/1/1988archived
Fr. Wilputte Alansan "Lan" SherwoodPastor of St. Benedict Church in Chandler, Catholic Diocese of PhoenixHaving sex with 1,800 males since 1984, at least 22 of whom were under 18. He also kept records and videotapes of the sexual encounters. Charged with attempted sexual conduct with a minor and attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.AP, 11/14/2003Priest Admits Lesser Sex Charges State Unable to Find Young Victims, by Jim Walsh, Arizona Republic, June 17, 1993

Wilputte Alanson Sherwood, Associated Press State & Local Wire, November 14, 2003

Bradley S. BieganskiMinister/Operator of Kingdom Flight Christian foster homeChild MolestationUSA Today, Nov 1 2013Bradley S Bieganski

Foster Home leader accused of molestation

TusconDavid ValenciaChrist Church at Grove FarmRape of a minorTucson Citizen, May 31, 2003Ex-minister charged in rape of minor

YumaRobert WarrenYouth Pastor at Valley Baptist ChurchFurnishing harmful sexual items to a, 11/1/2012Youth pastor arrested for giving sex items to Yuma girl

Yuma Youth Pastor arrested for child sex crimes

2 thoughts on “Arizona Index

  1. Jim Coleman

    Interesting. I knew James Anthony Colyn very well, having attended his church for many years. I can tell you first-hand that this man was a manipulative monster. The abuse many of us suffered at his hand – physical, spiritual and sexual – was widespread. He used to drive around the city of Glendale, on the lookout for those of us who were sinning. He found me on several occasions, smoking cigarettes. I was hauled back to his church office, stripped of my pants and beaten. We were taught that Roman Catholics are going to hell, that the AntiChrist would likely be a future Pope – if not the present one. And now he runs Jim Colyn and Associates company out of Crossville, Tennessee. Amazing.

    It’s interesting as the whole “Thomas Road Baptist Church” listing here is a new one one me. I also attended that church for some time. Dave McWatters, Pastor Delbert Lloyd, etc. I do not recognize the name you have listed here.

    1. admin Post author

      Jim, click on the city link and see the news excerpt. It will bring up a news excerpt from 1992 for this perpetrator.


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